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Attention plein air painters:

We have hosted workshops on our Greek island and would like to organize a plein air tour as part of the fabulous Art in the Open festival in Wexford.  We could also meet with groups like South East Plein Eire for regular paintouts.

If you are interested, please email me.  Cheers.


Want a quick getaway? The U.K. has beautiful places too.  Check out the beauty and the best.


For a contrast to Ireland check out the Dolomites Mountains   They are an enchanted place where time passes quietly, to rise suddenly in the beautiful views that at any time of day offer a show environment of rocks, forests and meadows as to be without fear of exaggerating a natural paradise preserved.


Travel Tips and Bargains

Fastnet lighthouse, West Cork

For general and specific information about which budget airlines fly to which cities and airports, which are the best days to fly, which airports are best for sleeping and all that kind of useful information for the economy flier I recommend the following site:

Fwoggie's FlyBudget.Com

Update:  Ryanair is set to resume flights between Prague and Dublin and London.  This is great news for beer lovers; experience Guinness and Pilsner in their cities of origin as a jet setter.  Read more about our adopted city of Prague:  Czech Mates  Cheers

Another ongoing change in the travel industry is increasing availability of affordable rentals of holiday homes, vacation cabins, or as we call them in the Greek islands, private villa rentals.  For families these homes are usually less expensive, more spacious and better equipped than hotels and resorts. For couples they can provide much more comfortable privacy in your own hideaway.  See our own site on private villa rentals in Paros, Greece: Greek Island Villas

 Mizen Head, West Cork

Mizen Head, West Cork


Check Travel Insurance Before You Travel

Financial research firm Defaqto has advised travellers to research and double-check their travel insurance policies before they go on holiday –to ensure that they have the right travel insurance for them. The research, which was first reported in the British press, reveals that the reason for this is because policies can vary depending on the insurer, and these policies can change quickly, and without warning, leaving travellers at risk of extra costs if they have an accident on holiday or lose valuables whilst they’re away. 

The research by Defaqto has revealed that 13% of travel insurance policies don’t cover personal possessions from damage, loss of theft, and it also highlighted that whilst 81% of policies offer cover over £1,000, only 11% of all travel insurance policies contain a single item limit of £350 or over.

Holidaymakers about the head off on holiday are being urged to go over their travel insurance policy very carefully, and check what their particular policy defines as valuables, as this definition can differ depending on the insurer, and may also be substantially different from what a holidaymaker might describe as a valuable.

Older travellers have also been advised that selecting the cheapest insurance policy may end up costing them more in the future, as finding the right insurance policy becomes much more difficult when you’re over 50, so consider the level of cover the policy offers before buying it and your airline tickets.

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